Technical operations and management

Long experience with a wide variety of plants.

For the operational stage, too, we are a reliable partner who can draw on almost 20 years of experience. We deliver a wide spectrum of services, from which we develop tailor-made support concepts. These include the technical-economical assessment of operating results, strategies for sustainably improving plant performance, as well as extensive consultation and support in processing cases where the plant has sustained damage.

Our work is backed up by powerful management software. Operating data is captured automatically, analysed and assessed by our staff. All relevant documents are filed electronically. The maintenance history of each plant can be traced at all times and is fully documented.

In addition, each project is assigned its own project manager who shadows the plant on a long term basis and monitors the wind farm activities together with local service engineers.

Overview of our services:

  • Remote monitoring of plant operations, including 24 h call-out service
  • Managing and monitoring maintenance, repairs and regular inspections
  • Regular visual plant inspections
  • Capture of operating data, information management and analysis
  • Optimisation of plants and repowering
  • Technical expert report and on-going reporting
  • Processing warranty claims, insurance and loss cases
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    Cédric Dumoulin


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