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Technical Management Services for Your Solar Farm

To overview

And our motto since the beginning? Service above all else.

We can offer solar farm operators a comprehensive range of services from ad hoc solutions to overall operations.

The financial viability of your farm at the heart of our activity. Furthermore, to make your approach easier and to facilitate communication between us, you will have a single, dedicated contact person who will respond to your every need. Finally, our control centre is in constant contact with our on-site maintenance teams maintaining an overview of all installations. It ensures all the necessary support to provide the technical conditions required so that each site remains in service.

Our wide range of skills at a glance:

  • Monitoring

    Fastidious monitoring and quick response times

    • Remote monitoring of all power plants from a dedicated control room
    • Customer service available 24/7
    • Proactive handling of breakdowns and alarms
  • Technical Management

    Everyday management of power plants

    • Verification that the terms of contracts are being followed correctly
    • Managing relations with governing bodies, farmers and other grid operators
    • Processing of warranty claims, insurance claims, claims for financial damages and/or production losses by third parties
  • Monthly reports

    Drafting of a monthly report for each solar energy plant

    • Collection and analysis of operational data
    • Comparison and analysis of discrepancies between estimates and actual production
  • QHSE management

    Compliance with standards and regulations

    • Drafting of prevention plans
    • Organisation of regulatory tests

Maintenance undertaken internally and near to your solar energy plants

We can offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services managed internally by our team of experienced, professional technicians. From preventative to restorative maintenance, including upkeep of green spaces, we will be there to respond to your every need. What is more, we inspect your power plants using drones.

Our technicians are located as closely as possible to solar farms in order to act as quickly as possible in the event of even the most minor breakdown. As for our operational engineers, they are based in Le Barp, near Bordeaux. They rely on the support services at both the Paris and Nantes offices on a daily basis. 

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