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Greater Performance, Greater Yields

To overview

Is your wind farm reaching the end of its operating cycle and needing to be renewed in line with the latest technological advances available on the market? What are the alternatives to simply extending its lifespan? How can you maximise your return on investment and increase the value of your current and future assets?  

Repowering a wind farm, which consists of replacing old machines with more efficient wind turbines, is one of the solutions for optimising the productivity and earning potential of a site.  

Repowering offers numerous advantages:  

  • The wind turbines currently on the market are demonstrating considerable technological developments  

  • Replacing old wind turbines with new ones makes it possible to produce more energy, with a lower overall impact on the environment, for an area that already benefits from good local acceptance of the wind farm 

  • Thanks to technological progress, maintenance costs can be reduced 

  • Having sufficient technical knowledge about the site facilitates the repowering design: it is possible to make use of data that is already available and to take advantage of existing infrastructures (e.g. access, connections)  

Whatever you decide, BayWa r.e. can be your experienced partner

The question around the continued operation of a plant is strategic and must be anticipated. BayWa r.e. brings together all the skills required to successfully complete your wind farm repowering projects. We offer tailor-made solutions that can be adapted to meet our customers’ strategies.

Our areas of expertise for your repowering project: 

EvaluationStudy and assessment of the site’s potential, as well as all economic and technical planning aspects of the project, including defining the ideal schedule for repowering the existing wind farm.
DevelopmentObtaining land contracts, administrative permits and the most advantageous tariff for our customers.
ConstructionRisk-free turnkey contract for dismantling existing wind turbines and installing new ones. 
FinancingStructuring, advising on and financing the project.
Selling electricity on the marketImplementing a merchant PPA to link the end of the regulated feed-in tariff to repowering, and consulting on choosing an aggregator for the repowered plant.
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