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Maintenance Services for Solar Farms

BayWa r.e.: a solar energy specialist and expert in solar energy plant maintenance

To overview

For greater efficiency and a quicker response time, BayWa r.e. has its own maintenance team

Whether it is for your ground-mounted power plant or rooftop solar panels, you will need a responsive, efficient maintenance team to optimise your yields. We can offer you a comprehensive range of maintenance services that we will adapt to your needs. We analyse and supervise the performance of power plants, we put into effect a maintenance schedule adapted to your needs and requirements, we test all the mechanical parts and also manage the cleaning of a range of parts. 

We can offer you a range of services

We supervise and analyse the performance of power plants

Preventative maintenance

  • Implementation of a maintenance schedule adapted to your power plant and your requests
  • Testing of all mechanical parts
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment (including high-voltage equipment)
  • Maintenance of inverters according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Cleaning of panels
  • Maintenance of green spaces in compliance with current regulatory restrictions (whether dealing with machinery or grazing land)
  • Management of Test IV for panels
  • Inspection of panels, in particular using drones and infrared cameras

Corrective maintenance

  • Management of all repairs
  • Creation of diagnostic reports for the triggering of guarantees

A great deal of experience

The expertise of our technicians is plain to see. It is the key to our success. Their wealth of experience means they have comprehensive knowledge of different types of panels and inverters. This allows them to demonstrate their versatility and take action at different installations.

Proximity and response time

We currently have a presence in Bordeaux/Le Barp, Toulouse, Aix en Provence and Corsica, meaning our maintenance technicians are close to solar energy plants so they can intervene more quickly. 

We guarantee a speedy response in our response time agreements or guarantees of availability.

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