ATTENTION: We are aware of a fake crowdfunding campaign in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) created by a group of fraudsters. BayWa r.e. has no business interests in the DRC. This is a scam and in no way connected to our business. You can contact us on this topic at DRC(at)

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Consulting and Expertise for your Renewable Power Plants

To overview

We can offer a comprehensive range of technical expertise

We can offer a wide range of technical, planning and optimisation services. Our services can also be applied to the delivery of your own projects to assist with the acquisitions and financing involved in a project. We can also help your power plants achieve optimal levels of performance when they begin operating. 

  • Research centre

    Analysis of the energy potential of your land

    At BayWa r.e. our in-house research centre means we can offer an exhaustive and detailed survey of your land and its solar and/or wind energy potential. We manage:

    • The ordering, installation and monitoring of the wind measurements
    • Provisional estimate of capacity (P50 and P90)
    • Estimates of systemic losses and noise pollution
    • Optimisation of the configuration of the wind farm
    • Optimisation of operating acoustic brakes
  • Construction

    Project management and turnkey construction

    Our pool of expertise allows us to support you at every stage of your project. We handle all phases of construction following four main objectives:

    • Budget management
    • Compliance with deadlines
    • Site safety
    • Quality installations
  • Operation

    Optimising performance

    We can offer a full range of technical and commercial operations services for your wind and solar plants, as well as performance monitoring and production optimisation.

    We offer a range of different services from sales and technical analysis to developing strategies for improved efficiency and the best possible support in the event of an accident.

    To achieve this we use powerful software which records, analyses and evaluates operational data. Important documents such as maintenance and repair records are saved and archived.

  • Reopwering of wind farms

    Focus on repowering

    Are you looking to restore value to a farm that has been in operation for eight years or more? We can offer a full survey into the repowering potential of your site and the implementation of technical and contractual solutions that will best increase its value.

    Reconfiguring and modernising are the twin objectives of repowering. Repowering is the process of replacing older power stations with newer ones with greater capacity. The principle of repowering is simple: prolong the lifespan of a wind farm in order to grow its earning potential, while optimising the operation of the site where it is installed by replacing some parts, whole machines or  even the entire farm.

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