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Our Models for Marketing Renewable Electricity without Subsidies

To overview

A secure future for your renewable energy park

Choose between fixed and flexible remuneration models based on energy market developments. In order to achieve attractive returns, it is important to set prices at the right time, given the variability of prices on the electricity market.

With tailor-made offers, our specialists guarantee operators and investors of renewable energy parks long-term security, high-quality expert support, and smooth and profitable operation of their plants.

VELUX sign Europe’s first agrivoltaics-linked PPA with BayWa r.e.

Corporate PPA: Reduce your carbon footprint

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) are a competitive solution for the future, allowing you to consume or sell electricity directly from renewable assets with guarantees of origin. In France, as well as internationally, BayWa r.e. offers you its expertise and services for the implementation of Corporate and Merchant PPAs.

Decarbonize your business and secure your renewable energy supply in the long term by opting for a Corporate PPA. 

BayWa r.e. can offer you corporate PPA services. As a large electricity-consuming company in industry and commerce, we are your partner for reducing your carbon footprint or meeting your sustainability commitments with stable, secure and price-guaranteed renewable electricity supply.    

By choosing a Corporate PPA, you are assured of a supply of renewable electricity with a guarantee of origin and a capacity certificate.

"Merchant PPA": Profitable operation of your assets without the purchase obligation

Are your renewable energy plants coming to the end of their purchase obligation and are you looking for solutions to continue and sustain their operation? Are you looking for a partner for the construction of renewable energy plants without subsidies?

BayWa r.e. will advise and support you in the negotiation of power purchase agreements (PPAs).   

PPAs represent a relevant and competitive solution for the direct sale of electricity, especially in the coming years, when more and more wind and solar power plants will leave the feed-in tariff and for parks reaching grid parity. PPAs provide long-term price security against the fluctuations of the electricity market and can be adapted to the individual needs of both parties, the producer and the electricity buyer.

As owners of wind or photovoltaic farms, ensure price security for the direct sale of electricity and optimize the profitability of your renewable assets with a Merchant PPA.

Our services

  • Negotiation of Power Purchase Agreements for renewable assets at the end of their purchase obligation period
  • Call for tenders among electricity buyers or traders (offtakers)
  • Negotiation, structuring and conclusion of PPAs
  • PPAs with utilities or consumer companies, for on-site or off-site wind or solar projects, bilaterally or through tenders
  • Quality consulting based on the experience, network and volume of BayWa r.e. in this market 
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