ATTENTION: We are aware of a fake crowdfunding campaign in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) created by a group of fraudsters. BayWa r.e. has no business interests in the DRC. This is a scam and in no way connected to our business. You can contact us on this topic at DRC(at)

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Project Development

To build wind farms that are in harmony with their surroundings.

To overview

Territories are at the heart of our projects

BayWa r.e. design, install and operate wind farms taking into account all the issues and sensitivities of the territory where it is located. We are convinced that the energy transition will not happen without the support of our fellow citizens and their representatives. We believe that the territories must be at the heart of the development of wind farms.

We work together with all stakeholders: citizens, communities, mixed economy companies, farmers and landowners, as part of an innovative development approach, based on discussion and listening. Far beyond a simple consultation, our teams implement concrete measures and tools that adapt to each territory and each municipality, with the desire to provide as many economic and environmental benefits as possible. a renewable energy project. Our approach helps to amplify the sustainable benefits of regions and accelerate their energy transition. 

Your trusted partner for all stages of the wind project

Our support includes : 

  • We evaluate potential wind farm sites according to a wide range of criteria: technical, financial and also in terms of the applicable regulations
  • We coordinate technical and environmental surveys
  • We prepare an environmental authorisation application dossier
  • We organise grid connections with the system operator and rates with an electricity supplier
  • We monitor the processing of the dossier
  • We are experts in establish financing for renewable energy projects
  • We manage your contracts with suppliers and service providers
  • We handle the construction of the wind farm and its commissioning

Our goal? To set up projects that are local and collaborative

Read on to find out how we reach that goal

  • Survey to establish the potential for wind and/or solar energy in your area – a crucial step
  • Development of the project with your participation, for example by putting together monitoring committees
  • Assistance when changing farming practices to encourage biodiversity
  • Setting up crowdfunding operations at several stages of development during your wind farm project
  • Local sales of electricity from renewable sources
  • Contracts prioritising local businesses to help sustain local employment
  • Inviting participation in the project

Partnerships and acquisitions of wind projects 

We also collaborate with local project leaders and take on projects at any stage of development. Our broad range of skills allows us to be effective no matter the type of partnership.

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