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Maintain the Earning Potential of Your Solar Assets in the Long Term

To overview

Are you a solar power plant operator with initial operating experience yet do you have questions about the earning potential or performance of your plants? Have you thought about repowering or revamping your photovoltaic installations? Modernising and technologically updating your photovoltaic power plant can considerably improve its availability and production, and thus offer you a significant return on your investment. In addition to improved performance, there is also a reduction in intervention costs, with latest-generation components and equipment, and new possibilities in terms of operation and maintenance. 

Enhance the value of your solar assets in the long term and trust the experts at BayWa r.e. 

Repowering – replacing photovoltaic panels and/or inverters in a solar energy plant currently in operation – or revamping – replacing a specific element at the power plant – are the keys to unlocking the future earning potential of plants currently in operation and extending their service life. BayWa r.e. will be your guide for all your repowering projects and can offer you tailor-made solutions. 

Our areas of expertise

  • General Engineering

    Our own BayWa r.e. engineering department guarantees you a high level of quality throughout the project.

    The optimised design of your project is based on the following elements:

    • Project diagnosis (analysing historical data)
    • Optimising production and reducing repowering costs
    • Analysing authorisation permits and current contracts
    • Technical specifications
    • Site location (impact of shadows) and topography
    • Optimising occupied land 
  • Procuring Equipment

    We take care of selecting suppliers, subcontractors and contract management.

    • Reliable network of trusted suppliers and companies 
    • Choice of local contractors where relevant and possible (civil engineering works, fencing, etc.)
    • Supply of construction services (solar EPC)
    • Subcontracting construction services for the different batches – drafted and negotiated by the construction team, supported by the legal department if required
    • On-site kick-off meeting with all parties involved in the construction phase, prior to starting the works
  • Coordination and Construction

    We guarantee on-going quality control and meticulous work.

    • On-site coordination between external service providers and BayWa r.e. teams
    • Weekly reports on progress and results
    • Quality controls during the works 
    • Guaranteed power plant availability during repowering
    • Certificate of completion
    • Function tests
    • Handing over to the customer and the O&M team

Our services in detail 

  • Support in obtaining EDF OA’s agreement to carry out repowering (by adding up to 10% additional module power)

  • Drawing up an optimised electrical and mechanical design and providing a completion plan

  • Supplying panels, junction boxes, cables, structural inverter elements 

  • Managing the transport and storage of panels

  • Contract management: managing all risks during the procurement and construction phase, transfer of ownership and guarantees associated with the SPV on commissioning

  • Site layout (base-lights, installations for the works, etc.) 

  • Dismantling defective modules and storage/packaging 

  • Managing module recycling

  • Adapting structures, installing and connecting new modules

  • Works management and safety guarantor 

  • Tests and commissioning

  • Waste management

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