ATTENTION: We are aware of a fake crowdfunding campaign in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) created by a group of fraudsters. BayWa r.e. has no business interests in the DRC. This is a scam and in no way connected to our business. You can contact us on this topic at DRC(at)

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BayWa r.e. – Your Partner for a Sustainable Energy Future

To overview

Setting standards – today and tomorrow

At BayWa r.e we r.e.think energy - how it is produced, stored and can be best used to enable the global renewable energy transition that is essential to the future of our planet.  

Based in 34 countries, with revenues of almost €5.8 billion, BayWa r.e. is a leading global renewable energy developer, service provider, distributor and energy solutions provider, and is actively shaping the future of energy.     

BayWa r.e. delivers end-to-end project solutions, ongoing operations management and is an Independent Power Producer with an expanding energy trading business. Using our innovation, creativity and expertise, we have successfully brought over 6 GW of renewable energy online, while managing over 10.5 GW of assets.  

BayWa r.e. is working with businesses and organisations worldwide to provide tailored renewable solutions that reduce carbon footprints and drive down energy costs. Through our Climate Contribution approach, that aligns with the best practices for climate action and the Paris Agreement, we are taking significant steps forward on our own sustainability journey.

As a leading global supplier to the solar distribution market, BayWa r.e is a preferred partner for thousands of installers and contractors.   

Embracing equity and diversity, we are committed to creating inclusive environments where everyone can reach their full potential. Every day, we are working hard to find new solutions, push technological boundaries and redefine service standards to make renewable energy even better. 

Our joint shareholders are BayWa AG, a globally successful business with revenues of €23.9 billion, and Energy Infrastructure Partners, a market leader in energy infrastructure investment that manages over €5 billion from global investors.

Favourable winds for a successful transition

It’s a fact, a certainty: the future belongs to renewable energy. And in the context of the dynamic renewable energy market, you will need an experienced and skilled partner. Thankfully you can count on BayWa r.e. What is our mission? Making green energy sustainably profitable for you. The outlook is good for our sector. Nevertheless, there are some major challenges to overcome. This is why we actively participate in reducing the cost of renewable energy production.

BayWa r.e., the power of an international network

Our teams in France have over ten years of experience in the development, construction and operation of wind and photovoltaic projects. As a subsidiary of a leading international renewable energy group, we benefit from a sizeable network of experts comprising developers, technicians, engineers, managers, EPC companies, and not forgetting all the key manufacturers of solar panels and inverters.

We bring all the necessary technical and multidisciplinary skills to adapt to all requirements. Day by day, we continue to innovate and have the strong desire to present our customers with sustainable and future-oriented solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

Our company has a number of significant advantages that will allow you to obtain the best performance possible, all thanks to the expertise, financial stability and skill of our group, built around a youthful, innovative, dynamic framework. 

We currently have around 250 employees distributed across France. Our 9 offices in Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon, Le Barp, Montpellier, Carcassonne, Peynier and Saint-Jean-d'Angély allow us to remain close to our partners and our customers. Thanks to our strong local roots, we are available, responsive, and above all always ready to listen to you in order to develop a long-term relationship based on transparency and consultation.

Key Facts

FoundedFebruary 2009
Employees5,437 (as of February 2024)
Turnover€5.806 billion (2023)
Business areasWind energy, solar energy, solar distribution and energy solutions

BayWa r.e.: r.e.think energy... from the ground, up

At BayWa r.e. we are convinced that energy transition cannot happen without working with our fellow citizens and their representatives. We know that the local area must be at the heart of all our renewable energy projects.

Consequently, we work alongside all groups involved – communities, semi-public companies devoted to energy transition, farmers and citizens – all as part of an innovative approach to project development, based on listening and discussion. It is much more than just consultation: we put in place concrete means to participate in the project to the benefit of one and all.

Corporate Movie

At BayWa r.e. we r.e.think energy - how it is produced, stored and can be best used to enable the global renewable energy transition that is essential to the future of our planet.
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